Istanbul municipality sends aid convoy to Gaza

The Istanbul Municipality has dispatched five trucks loaded with essential aid supplies destined for Gaza in a display of solidarity with the people in the beleaguered region under Israeli attack.

Istanbul mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu, addressing a gathering as the trucks set off from the Sultangazi district on March 5, described the situation as "one of the biggest humanitarian tragedies" in the region's history.

"As the people of Istanbul, we cannot and did not remain spectators and indifferent to the trivialization of this human tragedy," he stated.

The decision to send aid was swiftly made by the municipal council following the onset of Israeli attacks subsequent to Hamas' onslaught, İmamoğlu said, expressing gratitude to all political parties in the council for their unanimous support.

The aid convoy includes crucial supplies such as food, hygiene materials, baby formula and clothes, according to the mayor. The trucks are scheduled to reach the Gaza Strip through the Red Crescent's warehouse located in Adana, a province in southern Türkiye.

"It is and will always be our duty to alleviate the suffering of Gaza and help Gazans hold on to life," İmamoğlu remarked, while criticizing the government's stance on maintaining trade ties with Israel.

In addition to the aid initiative, the municipality has extended educational support to nearly 500 Palestinian students who are unable to reach their families and pursuing their university education in Istanbul, he added.

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