Macron Urges Courage Amid Russia's Threats: Calls for Resolute Action!

French President Emmanuel Macron urged Ukraine's allies, including the Czech Republic, to demonstrate courage in the face of an "unstoppable" Russia, reported France Press. Speaking to the French community in Prague, Macron emphasized the need to confront the escalating threats posed by Russia, stressing, "Certainly in our Europe there is a moment when we must not be cowards." He underscored the urgency of rising to the challenges of history, asserting, "We must not be afraid to face the difficulties of the present and the courage it implies."

Macron's visit to the Czech Republic is aimed at reaffirming France's commitment to Central Europe, explained sources close to him. During his visit, Macron is scheduled to meet with Czech President Petr Pavel and Prime Minister Petr Fiala to sign a strategic partnership action plan for 2024-2028. The plan will prioritize defense issues in light of the current war between Ukraine and Russia, Macron emphasized.

The French president's call for courage comes amidst ongoing discussions among Western allies regarding support for Ukraine. Macron's previous suggestion of deploying Western troops to Ukraine was met with mixed reactions from other Western leaders. Meanwhile, the UK has announced plans to allocate frozen assets of the Russian central bank to Ukraine, contingent upon Russia's payment of reparations post-conflict. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron outlined the proposal, stating, "There is an opportunity to use something like a syndicated loan or a bond that effectively uses the frozen Russian assets as collateral to give that money to the Ukrainians." He emphasized the importance of unity among G7 and EU members in addressing the crisis.

The proposal to...

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