GERB and "We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" Begin Negotiations for Coalition Governance Soon

"We Continue the Change" has extended an invitation to GERB for negotiations on governance following the recent rotation of power. The invitation, addressed to prominent figures including Boyko Borissov and Mariya Gabriel, signals a crucial step towards forming a coalition government.

Co-chairman of WCC-DB, Kiril Petkov, announced the invitation on the sidelines of the parliament, emphasizing the importance of initiating discussions on governance reforms. Petkov stressed that the office of Mariya Gabriel should be recognized as a factual component in the negotiations, underlining the need for collaboration in key areas such as regulatory reforms, judicial system enhancements, and service improvements.

However, amidst the anticipation of negotiations, tensions surfaced over the potential replacement of Finance Minister Asen Vassilev. Borissov's recent criticism of Vassilev, questioning his suitability for Gabriel's cabinet, prompted reactions from both parties. Petkov labeled the notion of replacing Vassilev during Bulgaria's Eurozone aspirations as "crazy," highlighting the need for stability and continuity in key government positions.

In response to WCC-DB's invitation, Borissov confirmed the intention to engage in coalition discussions upon his return from the European People's Party congress. Asserting Gabriel's pivotal role in decision-making, Borissov emphasized the urgency of forming a cohesive team and swiftly reaching consensus on governance agreements.

"We will invite them, right? We have to go home first. I don't want Mariya (Mariya Gabriel) to be in the shadows, and the responsibility is hers, the signature is hers," Borissov remarked during the EPP meeting in Bucharest.

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