Russia's War in Ukraine Could Last at Least Two More Years!

Lithuanian intelligence agencies have released a report suggesting that Russia has the resources to sustain its military operations in Ukraine for at least two more years. The report, published on Thursday, highlights Russia's ability to navigate high oil prices, circumvent sanctions, and invest in its military capabilities.

According to the report, Russia has significantly strengthened its military presence in Ukraine in 2023 and continues to enhance its military capabilities along its border with NATO, including neighboring Finland. The agencies emphasize that Moscow has been able to learn from its experiences in Ukraine and improve its combat effectiveness accordingly.

One of the key strategies enabling Russia to sustain its operations is its efforts to evade sanctions imposed on its defense industry. While openly obtaining weapons and ammunition only from Iran and North Korea, Russia has turned to China as its largest supplier of microchips, with the Chinese yuan becoming the primary currency for its international transactions.

Furthermore, Russia has expanded its military infrastructure by deploying warheads to Belarus in 2023, signaling its readiness to utilize Belarusian territory for military purposes.

The report also highlights increased intelligence activities by both Russia and Belarus, including efforts to recruit Lithuanian citizens. Several Lithuanian individuals were detained in 2023 on charges of providing information to Belarusian intelligence in exchange for financial gain.

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