Ukrainian Forces Recapture Tonenkoe Village, Repel Russian Attacks near Avdiivka

The Ukrainian armed forces have successfully pushed Russian occupiers out of the village of Tonenkoe, located west of Avdiivka.

The news comes from Julian Röpke, an open data analysis expert for BILD, who cited video footage from the frontline. Röpke had earlier reported on the challenges faced by Ukrainian forces in defending the Berdichi-Orlivka-Tonenkoe line west of Avdeevka.

Recent updates indicate that Ukrainian forces have regained full control over Tonenkoe, with reports of ongoing Russian shelling targeting the village with rocket launchers.

According to the General Staff in Kyiv, there were 92 military clashes in the past 24 hours alone. Particularly on the Avdiivka direction, the Ukrainian Air Force successfully repelled 21 enemy attacks in strategic areas such as Berdichi, Tonenkoe, Pervomayskoe, and Nevelskoe in the Donetsk region.

Despite Ukrainian successes, Russian forces continue their aggressive attempts to advance near Avdiivka. The 3rd Assault Brigade reported significant losses inflicted upon the aggressors around the village of Orloika, where Ukrainian forces have established a new defense line.

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