Borissov Wants Different Finance Minister: Petkov Urges Respectful Negotiations

Boyko Borissov, the leader of GERB, has confirmed that negotiations between his party and We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB) will commence tomorrow at 18:00, with discussions continuing into Sunday. The focus of these talks will revolve around governance matters following the rotation of cabinets, including topics such as regulatory issues and judicial reform.

Borissov outlined that once an understanding is reached with WCC-DB, further decisions will be made in the coming days. He reiterated that Mariya Gabriel will play a pivotal role in determining which ministers can continue in their roles post-rotation.

In discussing potential ministerial appointments, Borissov expressed reservations about Asen Vassilev remaining as Minister of Finance. However, he deferred the final decision to Gabriel, highlighting her responsibility in the matter.

Addressing concerns about regulatory bodies, Borissov proposed an unconventional arrangement where GERB would retain all ministers except for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with regulatory positions to be filled exclusively by WCC-DB appointees.

"GERB takes all the ministers, we give them the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and let's vote on the regulators only with their people".

Borissov also clarified that discussions with WCC-DB are exclusive, emphasizing that there will be no engagement with DPS to prevent any disruptions in the negotiation process.

Kiril Petkov, co-chairman of WCC, responded to Boyko Borissov's remarks by urging him to refrain from using derogatory language and instead focus on constructive negotiation. Petkov emphasized the importance of direct engagement in discussions rather than resorting to public statements through the media.

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