Central Athens street clashes injure 16

Banners reading 'Their profits vs Our studies' and other slogans are seen in front of Parliament during a student protest against the establishment of private universities, in Syntagma Square, downtown Athens, on Thursday. [Yiannis Liakos]

A student rally against an education bill that was ratified in Parliament on Friday was marred by clashes with police.

Seven police officers and nine civilians were injured.

The clashes erupted after student associations from all over Greece gathered at Athens University's Propylaea in the city center and marched to Parliament.

They were joined by teachers' unions, trade unions and federations.

Some 17,500 people participated in the demonstration.

The central slogan was "No to private universities. Degrees with value. Free education."

The riots started from Stadiou Street and extended to Syntagma Square after a group of hooded assailants reportedly attacked riot police forces with Molotov cocktails and stones.

Riot units responded with clubs and shields, using chemicals and flash bombs to disperse rioters near the Grande Bretagne...

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