Vučić: We will make important decisions tonight

As he said, decisions will be made about the functioning of the National Assembly and the future executive power, in order to end all election cycles as soon as possible.
"And what you are interested in, tonight we will make decisions. We have heard everything, Dejan Djurdjevi and all the others who understand the legislation best will come and we'll see what to do about all the elections. Let's finish this story, let's not bother people with nonsense anymore, we should be able to devote ourselves to work," Vui told reporters in Pambukovica.
The meeting will be held at 18:00 at Andriev venac, the Presidency announced. "We are facing a difficult time due to the geopolitical situation, at the same time we have to push hard. Stronger than ever, and that's why it's important to form all the bodies as soon as possible, to finish all the election cycles and to start to devote ourselves fully to the people's problems and to solve them," emphasized Vui.
As expected, the leaders of the SPS-JS coalition Ivica Dai and Dragan Markovi Palma will come to the meeting, then the first man of the SDPS Rasim Ljaji, Milan Krkobabi from PUPS, as well as the president of "Zdrava Srbija" Milan Stamatovi and the former director of BIA and founder of the Socialist movement, Aleksandar Vulin.

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