Drama in the sky: A plane full of passengers started to collapse, numerous injured

Several of them were transported to the hospital after landing.
The incident happened around 16:00 local time, and numerous emergency teams waited for the passengers on the runway after landing in Auckland.
According to officials, at least one person is in serious condition.
It is a flight of LATAM Airlines Group.
"Passengers and the cabin crew were injured. They were immediately provided with medical assistance," the authorities said.
One of the passengers told the NZ Herald that he felt a rapid, sudden decay while they were at altitude.
"Our teams admitted 24 patients, eight in a serious condition and 16 in a minor condition," announced the emergency services, adding that two people were transported to the hospital.
The media reports that it was a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.
At the moment, it is not known what technical problems caused the aircraft to crash.

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