Migrant flows putting pressure on Crete

[File photo]

The recent spike in migrant flows to the southern shores of Crete is becoming an increasing source of concern for the government, which expects an intervention from the European Commission.

Migratory flows to Crete have taken an upswing in recent days, with some 300 arriving over the weekend, while in the last three months it is estimated that around 1,500 people came by sea from Egypt to Gavdos island, south of Crete. The majority of the migrants are Egyptian men while a small percentage have claimed to be citizens of Bangladesh and Pakistan. The arrivals concern the whole southern part of the island from the prefecture of Hania but also Iraklio beaches since the boats are located in the sea area from Palaiochora to Agia Galini and Matala.

"Of course we are concerned. However, we will address the issue in cooperation with Europe," said Migration and Asylum Minister...

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