Ukrainian Drone Attacks Spark Fires at Two Russian Oil Depots

Two oil depots in Russia are ablaze following drone attacks attributed to Ukrainian forces, as confirmed by authorities.

Reports indicate that an oil warehouse located in the Nizhny Novgorod region was struck by Ukrainian drones, resulting in a massive fire. Regional governor Gleb Nikitin confirmed the incident, emphasizing that the affected fuel and energy complex is situated in the industrial zone of Kstovo city, approximately 30 kilometers southeast of Nizhny Novgorod center.

Despite the intensity of the fire, preliminary data suggest no casualties. It's noteworthy that Kstovo is situated far from Ukraine, approximately 450 kilometers east of Moscow, underscoring the reach of the drone attack.

In a separate incident, an oil depot in the Russian city of Oryol also fell victim to a Ukrainian drone strike, according to regional governor Andrey Klichkov. The unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into the fuel and energy complex, causing one of the tanks to catch fire. Fortunately, no injuries have been reported in this incident as well.

Meanwhile, Russian authorities have reported the neutralization of a Ukrainian drone targeting Moscow, as announced by the mayor of the capital, Sergei Sobyanin. Additionally, a Ukrainian drone was intercepted over the Tula region, south of Moscow, underscoring the heightened tensions and military activity in the region.

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