Survey Reveals: Majority of Bulgarians Back NATO Membership

As Bulgaria prepares to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its NATO accession at the end of this month, recent data sheds light on the nation's sentiment towards its membership in the alliance and its perceptions of security.

According to the latest opinion poll used in the Alliance Secretary General's annual report, a majority of 56% of Bulgarians express their intent to remain within NATO, highlighting a prevailing sentiment of support for the alliance. Conversely, 28% of respondents voiced a desire to exit the alliance, indicating a notable but not dominant dissenting viewpoint.

Since it acceded to NATO in 2004 alongside Romania, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Slovenia, Bulgaria has remained committed to the alliance, with a significant portion of its populace attributing feelings of safety to NATO's presence. A substantial 59% of Bulgarians believe that NATO effectively ensures the country's security, contrasting with 19% who hold contrary opinions.

Across the broader NATO bloc, support for the alliance remains robust, with 61% of citizens believing that membership reduces the likelihood of foreign attacks. This sentiment underscores the enduring value perceived by member states in maintaining their NATO affiliation.

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