Israeli Strikes on Gaza Aid Queues Leave 29 Dead, Scores Injured

At least twenty-nine Palestinians were killed in two separate Israeli strikes targeting humanitarian aid queues in the Gaza Strip. The Hamas Health Ministry, as reported by Reuters, confirmed the casualties, BTA informed.

The first strike claimed the lives of eight individuals after an Israeli airstrike targeted an aid distribution point in the Nuseirat refugee camp located in the central part of the enclave. The radical Islamist group Hamas, controlling the coastal territory, released this information.

Later, a devastating incident unfolded when Israeli soldiers opened fire on a queue of humanitarian aid trucks at a roundabout in the northern part of the Strip. The Health Ministry of Hamas initially reported Palestinians killed at a roundabout in Gaza City.

According to a statement from Hamas, Israeli soldiers deliberately targeted civilians waiting for aid, resulting in the deaths of at least twenty-one individuals and leaving over one hundred and fifty wounded. Eleven bodies and one hundred wounded were transported to Ash Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, stated the Health Ministry.

In response to the incidents, the Israeli military stated it was investigating both cases. This comes after a similar incident on February 29, where over a hundred people were killed or wounded while waiting in line for aid in northern Gaza. The  Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) spokesperson at the time clarified that soldiers did not intentionally attack anyone.

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