Kasselakis urges PM to ‘stop hiding’ amid data breach allegations

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Leftist SYRIZA opposition leader Stefanos Kasselakis has reacted to the ruling New Democracy party's decision to exclude MEP Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou from their candidate list for the European elections, labeling it as political tactics. Asimakopoulou is accused of using an official, non-public voter register for campaigning.

"It's just another stay-aside-for-a-while-until-this-is-forgotten-and-you'll-be-back move from Kyriakos Mitsotakis," Kasselakis said in a post on X social media platform referring to the conservative prime minister.

Despite Asimakopoulou's "belated withdrawal," he added, the questions for Mitsotakis remain: "How did the MEP gain access to the private data of thousands of citizens? Did she cooperate with the Interior Ministry or how?" before urging the premier to "stop hiding."

"No matter how many scapegoats he chooses to sacrifice, this...

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