Türkiye, Iraq vow ‘joint fight’ against PKK

A joint declaration by Türkiye and Iraq following a high-level security summit in Baghdad has announced the two neighbors' will to mutually fight the PKK terror organization on Iraqi soil. It also underlined that Baghdad has banned the PKK for the first time, a move Ankara hailed.

"The parties also underlined that the PKK poses a security threat to Türkiye and Iraq and noted that the presence of the said organization on Iraqi territory violates the Iraqi Constitution," read the joint declaration issued on late March 14 after the security summit.

Turkish and Iraqi defense and foreign ministers as well as intelligence chiefs attended the summit which has focused on security cooperation between the two neighboring countries against the PKK threat. The first security summit took place in December in Ankara which paved the way for the intensification of talks to this end.

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, Defense Minister Yaşar Güler and National Intelligence Organization (MİT) chief İbrahim Kalın met Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein and Defense Minister Thabet Muhammad Al-Abbasi as well as other officials in Baghdad.

As a result of these talks, Iraq banned the PKK presence on its lands. "Türkiye welcomed the decision taken by the Iraqi National Security Council which stipulates that PKK is a banned organization in Iraq," read the joint statement.

Although the PKK has been using the northern Iraqi soil since 1980s, it is for the first time that the government has listed it as a banned organization.

According to Ankara, the meeting in Baghdad provided important results for jointly combatting the PKK in Iraq. Diplomatic sources stressed that Iraq acknowledges the fact the PKK is posing a threat not only to Türkiye but also to Iraq...

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