Society’s red lines

Rescuers stand near debris of trains after a collision in Tempe, about 376 kilometres (235 miles) north of Athens, near Larissa city, Greece, on March 1. [Giannis Papanikos/AP]

Parliament's investigative committee for the Tempe rail disaster wrapped up its deliberations, with the findings submitted by the ruling New Democracy party being approved by the House majority. One of the key conclusions that has emerged is that seven separate violations of the rail operator's regulations were confirmed. Another case that had been brought before Parliament concerned a train that ran a red stop light near Athens on Christmas Eve in 2023, thankfully without causing any casualties.

In an interview with Kathimerini's online edition, European Chief Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi stressed the need for justice in the Tempe tragedy. She suggested that the law protecting ministers from prosecution needs to change as the current legal framework in Greece prevents the judiciary from doing its job properly. 

She said that her office is bringing criminal charges...

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