European Parliament to Vote on Resolution for Full Schengen Membership for Bulgaria and Romania

The European Parliament's Petitions Committee is set to vote on a resolution advocating for the full acceptance of Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen Area. The motion comes in response to concerns over long queues of heavy goods vehicles at the EU's internal borders, which have raised issues regarding drivers' health and safety, road congestion, and the smooth functioning of the single market.

MEPs stress the detrimental effects of truck clustering on drivers' health, road safety, and the environment due to air, water, and noise pollution. They emphasize the urgent need for EU action to address the long waiting times for heavy goods vehicles at internal borders, particularly at crossings between Schengen and non-Schengen EU member states.

The resolution calls on the Council to swiftly decide on granting full Schengen membership to Romania and Bulgaria, highlighting the deficiencies in current border control measures and the pressing need for a comprehensive solution. While air and sea border controls between the Schengen area and the two countries were abolished at the end of 2023, land border checks remain a significant issue.

MEPs urge the Council to adopt a decision on the full implementation of the Schengen acquis in Romania and Bulgaria by mid-2024 to address land border crossings effectively. They advocate for binding EU legislation to establish a one-minute processing standard for heavy goods vehicles at border points and propose measures to enhance cross-border cooperation and combat truck theft.

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