Moldova to Expel Russian Embassy Staff Over Election Polling in Transnistrian Region

Moldova has announced plans to expel a staff member from the Russian embassy following allegations of election interference in the breakaway Transnistrian region, according to reports by Reuters. The decision comes after Moldovan authorities accused the Kremlin of violating bilateral agreements by allowing polling stations to operate in the Transnistrian area during the recent Russian presidential election.

Russian media outlets reported that the Russian ambassador in Chisinau, Moldova's capital, was summoned to the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs to address the issue. The move underscores growing tensions between Moldova and Russia over the alleged election activities in the Transnistrian region.

The dispute stems from Moldova's assertion that the establishment of polling stations in the Transnistrian territory constitutes a breach of bilateral agreements between the two countries. Moldovan authorities have condemned the Kremlin's actions, labeling them as interference in Moldova's internal affairs.

In response to the allegations, Moldova has decided to expel a member of the Russian embassy staff, signaling its firm stance against what it perceives as foreign interference. The expulsion represents a diplomatic rebuke to Russia and underscores Moldova's commitment to upholding its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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