Museum honoring Turkish comedy legend opens in Istanbul

In tribute to the beloved Turkish actor Kemal Sunal, the Kemal Sunal Museum, a testament to his legendary career in Yeşilçam cinema, has been opened to the public.

With Hababam Sınıfı, Kapıcılar Kralı and Davaro, Sunal gained large popularity amongst Turkish cinema goers, especially for his character "Şaban," a role he frequently played.

Nestled in the 60. Yıl Göztepe Park in Istanbul's Kadiköy district, the museum stands as a lasting tribute to the late actor's life and legacy, fulfilling his long-held dream.

The museum, which was formerly an Anatolian Parks and Gardens Branch Directorate building, was inaugurated with a ceremony attended by Sunal's family, esteemed friends and luminaries from the art world.

Among the attendees were Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu and poet-writer Sunay Akın, who contributed to bringing the museum to fruition.

Gül Sunal, Kemal Sunal's wife, expressed her gratitude, stating, "I have not prepared any speeches; I just want to applaud Kemal."

Having kept all the items her husband used throughout his artistic life with the dream of one day exhibiting them in a museum, Gül Sunal shared a manifesting exchange between the couple. "Of course, we always thought about this museum. When I asked him, 'What will happen to these items?' he said, 'Maybe one day there will be a museum.'"

The museum showcases a treasure trove of memorabilia, including movie posters, costumes, sculptures and personal belongings, offering visitors a glimpse into the life and career of the iconic actor.

Gül Sunal revealed that the items on display were only a fraction of Kemal Sunal's vast collection.

"From the first day he started acting, he kept his beard, mustache and eyebrow pencil. This is the archive...

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