Republicans Propose Low-Interest Loan for Military Aid to Ukraine

US Senator Lindsey Graham expressed confidence that Congress will soon approve an aid package for Ukraine, albeit likely in the form of a low-interest loan rather than grants. Graham, who met with President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv, supported releasing funding but emphasized the need to consider domestic US concerns, such as border security.

During a news conference after talks with Zelensky, Graham highlighted the importance of engaging the American taxpayer in discussions about the aid package, given the country's significant debt. He advocated for providing a loan to Ukraine that could be waived without interest, a proposal he believes President Zelensky would welcome to acquire weapons.

"Can we provide a loan that can be canceled without interest? Yes. Can Ukraine take that? Yes. I think President Zelensky would welcome the weapons any way we can get them to him," Graham stated.

President Joe Biden has urged Congress to support a bill providing 60 billion USD in aid to Ukraine through October 2023. While the bill passed the Senate, it requires approval from the House of Representatives, where Republicans hold the majority. House leaders, aligned closely with former President Donald Trump, have thus far refused to allow a vote.

In discussions with Zelensky, Graham expressed optimism that the House would approve the aid package. He emphasized that a majority of Republicans in both the Senate and the House understand the necessity of aiding Ukraine.

"70% of Republicans in the Senate understand the need to help Ukraine, as do a similar number of Republicans in the House," Graham stated.

His proposal for an interest-free, waiveable loan has garnered support and may be included in the upcoming package...

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