Specific time frame for audits on taxpayers

[InTime News]

The audit mechanism must complete each audit it undertakes within two years, according to new rules on the tax administration.

With this move, businesses will stop being hostage to the taxman, while the cases forgotten in drawers will necessarily come out and must be completed quickly.

According to the draft law which amends the Tax Procedures Code after 11 years, auditors will have one year to complete the audit from the date of issue of the audit sheet. Once it has started, an extension of six months can be granted, and, in exceptional cases, under the same condition - i.e. that the audit has started - a further extension of six months will be given.

This change aims, on the one hand, to prevent the audit mechanism from being blocked with audits that are impossible to complete and, on the other, to ensure that businesses are not trapped by the Independent...

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