Efforts to speed up for new charter after polls: Parliament speaker

Talks and preparation will speed up both for a new constitution and an updated bylaw after the local elections this weekend, Parliament Speaker Numan Kurtulmuş has said, reiterating the country's pressing need for a civil and inclusive charter.

The parliament now has two crucial tasks, including a new constitution and bylaw that would "elevate democratic standards," Kurtulmuş stated during an event in Istanbul late on March 25.

The necessity for a new constitution primarily stems from the imperative to "break free from the spirit and antidemocratic structure of the existing text," which was prepared during the era of the 1980 military coup, he noted.

"We must strive to create a democratic and comprehensive constitution crafted by civilians within the parliamentary framework," Kurtulmuş asserted.

Kurtulmuş expressed his intention to engage in talks with the political parties represented in the parliament to closely monitor the issue of the new constitution in the post-election period.

"Several parties are already working on constitutional preparations, I expect all parties to engage in preparations related to the new constitution during this process."

Kurtulmuş said they will initiate a constitution-making process with a democratic sensitivity in which academia, legal circles, civil society organizations and "everyone who feels the need for a new constitution and has a say will be listened to and benefited from."

The speaker also mentioned that previous efforts resulted in consensus on 64 articles, adding that with proper discourse, agreement can be reached on even more articles.

Acknowledging that constitution preparation may take some time, Kurtulmuş expressed confidence that constitutional debates within...

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