Bulgaria Nears Eurozone Entry If Inflation Criterion Met, Says Finance Minister

During debates on a draft decision concerning the Bulgarian Energy Holding, Minister of Finance Asen Vassilev announced that Bulgaria is on the brink of entering the Eurozone as it meets the inflation criterion. Vassilev, present in the plenary hall, highlighted the significance of this milestone, emphasizing that Bulgaria has fulfilled its legislative program for Eurozone accession, a feat previously unaccomplished during the period of the GERB party's governance.

Vassilev outlined that the only remaining legislative hurdle is the adoption of the Law on the introduction of the euro, which is already undergoing public discussion. He emphasized that once Bulgaria satisfies the inflation criterion, the country will demand the necessary report, paving the way for its entry into the Eurozone.

"As soon as the inflation criterion is met, Bulgaria can enter the Eurozone," Vassilev stated unequivocally. He underscored the meticulous completion of the legislative framework required for Eurozone integration, positioning Bulgaria on the cusp of a significant economic milestone.

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