Interpol Launches International Search for Missing Two-Year-Old Girl from Serbia

Interpol has initiated a global search for Danka Ilić, a two-year-old girl reported missing from Serbia, according to Radio Free Europe's Serbian edition. The international police organization has released a photo and description of the child on its website as part of efforts to locate her.

Danka Ilić vanished on Tuesday afternoon from her residence in Bansko Pole, situated near the eastern Serbian town of Bor. The Ministry of the Interior of Serbia provided details, describing the child as having brown hair, brown eyes, and standing approximately 85 centimeters tall. She was last seen wearing purple pants, an olive green jacket, and black sneakers. The search operation commenced immediately after her disappearance, involving police, firefighters, and volunteers from the local community. Social media played a crucial role in spreading awareness about the missing child, with search efforts extending into the night and utilizing resources such as search dogs.

Interpol issued a "yellow code," typically utilized in cases involving missing individuals, particularly minors, or when identification is challenging, RFE notes. Serbian media previously circulated a video featuring two women and a young girl, suspected to be Danka Ilić, filmed in Vienna. In response, the Serbian Embassy in Vienna, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, urged individuals to report any sightings of the child within Austrian territory.

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