Ukrainian Forces Obliterate Russian Tank Battalion Near Avdiivka

The Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully repelled a major tank attack launched by the Russian army near Avdiivka. The clash resulted in a devastating defeat for the Russian side, with Ukrainian forces inflicting significant casualties on the enemy.

According to reports from Forbes, the Russian army attempted to execute one of the largest tank attacks in the history of the conflict, deploying 36 tanks and 12 infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) in the area of Avdiivka. However, the Ukrainian 25th Brigade detected the convoy and launched a powerful counterattack, resulting in the destruction of a third of the Russian tanks and several IFVs.

The precise tactics employed by the Ukrainian forces to destroy the Russian tank column remain unclear, but experts speculate that drones were utilized to detect the assault group, enabling accurate artillery fire to neutralize the enemy. This successful defense underscores the resilience and effectiveness of Ukrainian military strategy despite facing challenges such as ammunition shortages.

The very first footages of repelling the largest Russian tank attack of the entire war began to appear. The attack took place on March 30th on the Avdiivka front near the village of Tonenke.
Russia gathered 36 tanks and 12 AFVs for this attack. 12 tanks and 8 AFVs were…

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The American Institute for the Study of War also documented the Ukrainian Armed Forces' victory, noting that on March 30, Ukrainian forces repelled an attack by a Russian tank battalion near Avdiivka. Geolocation imagery released following the battle revealed extensive damage to Russian armored vehicles...

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