Bulgaria Decides for Itself What Relations It Will Have with NATO, Nothing Is Imposed on the Bulgarian People

Amid debates over Bulgaria's membership in NATO, the US Ambassador to the Alliance, Julianne Smith, reaffirmed that Bulgaria retains full autonomy in deciding its relationship with the organization. Responding to inquiries regarding a resolution proposing Bulgaria's exit from NATO submitted by the pro-Russian party "Revival" to the National Assembly, Ambassador Smith stressed the importance of recognizing the mutual benefits of NATO membership.

Asserting Bulgaria's significance within NATO, Ambassador Smith highlighted the country's influential voice and unique perspective on the Black Sea region. She underscored that Bulgaria's association with NATO is voluntary, emphasizing, "Bulgaria decides for itself what relations it will have with NATO, nothing is imposed on the Bulgarian people."

Expressing gratitude for Bulgaria's steadfast support of NATO membership, Ambassador Smith urged skeptics to consider the substantial advantages it offers. She underlined the symbiotic nature of the relationship, where each member state contributes to and benefits from the alliance. Ambassador Smith emphasized, "It is a two-way street in which each country values the other."

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