CHP leader rules out early elections despite local polls success

Chairman of the Republican People's Party (CHP) Özgür Özel has said he is not calling for early elections despite his party's big success in the municipal elections.

"If there will be early elections, it will be decided by the people. I am not making such a call," Özel said in an interview with daily Sözcü on April 2.

Özel's CHP became the first party with 38 percent of votes nationwide which pledged it 14 metropoles and 21 provinces during the weekend's municipal polls. It was the highest vote the CHP garnered since the 1977 elections. The party continues to rule İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Antalya and Adana and won in other big cities like Bursa, Balıkesir, Manisa and Afyonkarahisar as well.

Özel said his party will not act as an opportunist because of the election success. "There are many pensioners who trusted me and voted for us from the AKP (Justice and Development Party), MHP (Nationalist Movement Party). Perhaps, they would not vote for us if that were general elections," he said.

"I promised them: This is local elections. You are voting for your local rulers and create a balance between local and central governments," he explained. "We have to be honest. We received 25 percent of votes 10 months ago. If I say that 'We alone got 38 percent of votes,' that would be arrogance," Özel suggested.

The CHP attracted the votes of many people from other parties, including the AKP and Democratic Equality Party (DEM), the chairman said, informing that he will continue his rallies in the coming period to highlight the problems of the pensioners, farmers, teachers, students, etc.

"I am aware of the fact the vote we have garnered is a result of Türkiye Alliance we have created with our people. We will continue to keep the CHP as...

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