The Greek far-right – a rising threat in the EU election storm

A woman walks in Syntagma Square in front of the Greek Parliament, a day after a general election, in Athens, Monday. 'The rise of the far-right in Greece is a reflection of a trend that is evident in most of Europe today,' the author says. [Reuters]

As the EU election rapidly approaches, several pollsters indicate a notable surge in support for Greek Solution, with Kyriakos Velopoulos attracting voters from both Niki and Spartiates. 

Far-right dynamics in Greece have been notably prominent since 2012, and the record-breaking percentage for the three parties observed in the 2023 election may persist into the EU election. However, the recent Tempe train crash presents another potential opportunity that could further boost support for Velopoulos.

On March 28, the leader of Greek Solution made a striking appearance in the Greek Parliament, delivering a passionate speech during the discussion of the no-confidence vote. His fervent address not only earned praise from far-right circles and media but also garnered strong acclaim from left-wing journalists. 

Social media have been inundated with footage of his...

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