A woman was killed just after asking police for protection from an ex-partner. Greece is asking why

[Screengrab from a video obtained by kathimerini.gr]

Greek authorities on Tuesday ordered an urgent investigation into a woman's fatal stabbing outside an Athens police precinct where she had just requested protection from an ex-boyfriend.

The 28-year-old's death triggered new calls by left-wing opposition parties for femicide — the killing of women or girls with a gender-related motivation — to be recognized as a distinct term in Greece's criminal code.

The minister in charge of the police, Michalis Chrisochoidis, promised a "full, in-depth" investigation of Monday's killing that occurred a few dozen yards (meters) from the Aghii Anargyri police station.

The woman's 39-year-old former partner was arrested and was being treated under police guard in a psychiatric hospital after allegedly intentionally stabbing himself following the attack.

"What matters now is to fully investigate the incident … and see...

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