ADEDY announces nationwide strike demanding salary increases, more benefits

File photo.

The federation of public sector employees, ADEDY, has announced a nationwide 24-hour strike scheduled for Tuesday, May 21.

According to an announcement made on Wednesday, ADEDY is advocating for several demands, including a horizontal increase of 10% in the salaries of public-sector employees, the reinstatement of the two additional salaries in the public sector, and the establishment of collective agreements on wages.

Additionally, ADEDY is calling for the repeal of the wage freeze for the 2016-2017 period, the scrapping of the 2% levy for the unemployed, an increase in the tax-free allowance to 12,000 euros, and a raise in the allowance for hazardous work.

Finally, ADEDY is demanding the immediate recruitment of permanent staff in all critical public organizations (health, education, social services, insurance, etc.), and the enhancement of essential...

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