Outgoing Bulgarian PM Calls for Schengen Borders Lifting

In a recent informal meeting of EU leaders in Vilnius, outgoing Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov emphasized the importance of unity, security, and competitiveness for the European Union (EU) in the evolving geopolitical landscape. Denkov underscored Bulgaria's commitment to coordinated EU action with international partners to uphold a fair, rule-based global order.

Speaking on behalf of Bulgaria, Denkov advocated for strategic cooperation in security and defense, highlighting the significance of EU enlargement in maintaining stability and promoting European values. He stressed the necessity for the EU to present a unified voice on the global stage, defending European principles and standards.

Denkov urged the EU to continue supporting Ukraine's defense efforts and emphasized the importance of a comprehensive approach to migration challenges. Additionally, he called for the lifting of checks at the land borders of Bulgaria and Romania within the Schengen area, highlighting the importance of facilitating freedom of movement within the EU.

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