Türkiye’s top diplomat to call allies for joint anti-terror fight at NATO meet

Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan will highlight NATO's responsibility in jointly fighting terrorism with expectations that the support given to the YPG in northern Syria by some allies should be ended without delay during NATO's foreign ministerial meeting in Brussels on April 3 and 4.

According to diplomatic sources, during the meeting, Fidan will underline two important issues. First, counterterrorism, and second, the need for lifting all sorts of arms sale restrictions between NATO members.

Fidan will remind his colleagues that fighting terrorism is among the responsibilities and duties of the alliance, the sources said, citing that Türkiye is struggling with multiple terrorist organizations at once, including the PKK and its Syrian leg YPG.

The minister will reiterate that partnering with the YPG in the pretext of the fight against the ISIL is not acceptable, referring to the United States' ties with the group. Türkiye and the U.S. are at odds about the latter's continued support to the YPG. The U.S. claims its relation with the YPG is tactical and limited to fighting the ISIL in northern Syria.

The second important issue to be brought to the alliance agenda by Fidan is the need for increased cooperation between the allies in the field of arms sales. Some NATO countries are still imposing arms sales sanctions on Türkiye even after the Turkish government approved the admission of Sweden into NATO.

Fidan will recall that the allied nations agreed to lift arms sales restrictions at the NATO Summit in July 2023 in Vilnius. The sources stressed that Fidan will emphasize that imposing restrictions on arms sales is against the NATO spirit and can undermine the collective security of the alliance.

The Turkish minister will also...

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