What have we achieved through our NATO membership?

A woman holds Latvian and NATO flags during events to mark the 20th anniversary of Latvia's accession to NATO, at Riga's Freedom Monument on March 28. [Toms Kalnins/EPA]

For our six European countries, March 2024 marks two decades since the historic moment of NATO membership. It is also the 72nd anniversary of Greece's accession to NATO, which has been a central element in shaping Greek foreign and defense policies.

The enlargement of NATO, 20 years ago, took place against the background of the profound transformations after the end of the Cold War and was an integral part of the process of the peaceful reunification of Europe.

For our six states, achieving NATO and EU membership marked the full integration into/return to the Western community of values, offering our citizens the most solid security guarantees in the history of our nations. The fulfillment of democratic reforms steered the process of accession of the new members. Our six countries, who, for decades, aspired for freedom under undemocratic regimes, and in the case of...

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