Bulgaria: Chief Secretary Zhivko Kotsev Explains Departure from Ministry of Internal Affairs

Zhivko Kotsev, the Chief Secretary of Bulgaria's Ministry of Internal Affairs, has clarified the reasons behind his decision to step down from his position. In a statement posted on the department's website, Kotsev cited his belief that he had dedicated sufficient energy and effort to serving society as a driving factor in his departure.

In his statement, Kotsev emphasized his commitment to the rule of law and the maintenance of order, principles he considers essential for every law enforcement officer. He acknowledged the difficulty of his decision, given his long-standing career within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but expressed confidence in his inner conviction to pursue new opportunities in another sphere of public life.

The announcement comes amidst allegations made by resigned Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov, who accused Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov of exerting pressure on Kotsev to resign. However, both Stoyanov and Kotsev have denied these allegations, with Kotsev aiming to dispel any unnecessary speculation or insinuations directed towards him and the ministry.

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