German Authorities Uncover Hamas Weapons Cache in Bulgaria

German investigators have unearthed a suspected Hamas weapons stockpile in Bulgaria, as reported by Die Zeit. The discovery, confirmed by Deutsche Welle, Spiegel, and ARD, came after the arrest of Hamas-affiliated individuals in mid-December. A mobile phone seized during the arrest contained images of firearms and related equipment, leading authorities to the hidden cache.

The digital trail from the photos directed investigators to a location in southern Bulgaria, where firearms were found buried under a tree in a plastic bag. Some of the recovered weapons showed signs of rust. The suspects, detained in Germany and the Netherlands, allegedly intended to transport the arms to Berlin for potential attacks on Jewish institutions across Europe.

The individuals in custody include Palestinians Abdelhamid Al A. and Ibrahim El-R., both born in Lebanon, as well as Egyptian Mohamed B. and Dutch national Nazih R. Initial searches for the weapons took place in Germany in October, with investigators initially suspecting Poland as the hiding place. The suspects had reportedly traveled to Poland multiple times.

Federal prosecutors stated that all four suspects have long-standing ties to Hamas, participating in its activities abroad and maintaining close connections with the organization's military leadership. They remain in custody pending further investigation.

The discovery of the weapons cache comes amid heightened tensions following terrorist attacks by Hamas in Israel on October 7, followed by retaliatory strikes in the Gaza Strip. Groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda have increasingly called for attacks on Israeli and Jewish targets globally, underscoring the ongoing security challenges.

Pictures of guns and magazines were found on the mobile...

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