Report Reveals: 57 Producers Responsible for Majority of CO2 Emissions

A recent report by the non-profit think tank InfluenceMap has unveiled startling insights into the world's carbon dioxide emissions landscape. According to the Carbon Majors report released on Thursday, a mere 57 fossil fuel and cement producers have been accountable for a staggering 80% of global CO2 emissions from 2016 to 2022.

This group of entities comprises a mix of nation-states, state-owned corporations, and investor-owned companies. Among them, Saudi Aramco, Russia's Gazprom, and Coal India emerged as the top three CO2-emitting companies during this period, as per the report.

Notably, the report highlights a concerning trend where most of these companies have significantly expanded their fossil fuel production since 2015, the year of the landmark U.N. Paris Agreement. Despite global efforts to combat climate change and the proliferation of renewable energy initiatives, emissions have continued to rise, reaching record highs last year, as reported by the International Energy Agency.

InfluenceMap's findings underscore the disproportionate impact of a relatively small number of emitters on global CO2 levels, emphasizing the urgent need for transparency and accountability. The report aims to facilitate various stakeholders, including legal entities, academics, campaign groups, and investors, in tracking and addressing the climate impact of these major emitters.

Daan Van Acker, Program Manager at InfluenceMap, emphasized the versatile utility of the report, which can inform legal proceedings, academic research, advocacy efforts, and investment decisions.

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