Bulgaria's Karlos Nasar Shines Bright with World Cup Triumph in Weightlifting Showdown

In a display of sheer strength and determination, Karlos Nasar of Bulgaria emerged victorious at the prestigious World Weightlifting Cup, held this year in Thailand. The 19-year-old sensation showcased his prowess in the men's category up to 89 kilograms, matching the world record set by Chinese competitor Li Dayin and securing the gold medal, as reported by BTA.

Nasar's remarkable performance didn't stop there. In the clean and jerk event, he set a new world record of 181 kilograms, only to have it surpassed moments later by Colombia's Jason Lopez with a lift of 182 kilograms. Nevertheless, Nassar's dominance remained evident as he outclassed his opponents in the push segment, lifting an impressive 215 kilograms on his first attempt.

Although Nasar narrowly missed breaking the world record in the push with a lift of 224 kilograms, his overall performance solidified his status as a rising star in the world of weightlifting. Notably, none of his competitors managed to match his deadlift prowess, with Lopez, Dayin, and Antonino Pizzolato falling short in comparison.

Following Nasar's triumphant victory, Lopez claimed the second spot with a total lift of 392 kilograms, while Dayin secured third place with 383 kilograms. Pizzolato of Italy rounded out the top four with a total lift of 380 kilograms.

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