Türkiye revokes visa exemption for Tajik citizens

Türkiye has announced the abolishment of visa exemption for citizens of Tajikistan, following recent security concerns linked to international incidents involving Tajik nationals.

The decision, announced in the country's Official Gazette on April 6, comes in the wake of a deadly mass shooting at a Moscow concert hall, carried out by individuals identified as Tajik nationals who reportedly entered and exited Türkiye to extend their stay in Russia.

Ever since the March 22 attack at the Crocus City Hall concert venue, which claimed the lives of 145 people, Russian officials have sought to blame Ukraine for the massacre, even though Kiev has denied any involvement and an affiliate of ISIL claimed responsibility.

Tajik nationals have been implicated in other recent violent incidents as well. At least 89 people were killed in a suicide attack in southern Iran on Jan. 3, in which two Tajik citizens were involved. Additionally, on Jan. 28, an attack on a Catholic church in Istanbul resulted in one fatality, with one of the suspects identified as a Tajik citizen.

The decision to revoke visa exemptions for Tajik citizens highlights concerns over the presence of Tajik nationals in the ISIL-affiliated Khorasan structure.

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