ADMIE management to visit Cyprus for talks on ‘Great Sea Interconnector’

Interconnection. The uncertainty over the emblematic Greece-Cyprus-Israel power link has ended with Greek grid operator ADMIE taking full responsibility for the project. ADMIE and EuroAsia Interconnector reached an agreement after tough negotiations with the informal involvement of the EU, which has financed the project with 658 million euros.

The management of the Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) will visit Cyprus on Tuesday for contacts with Cypriot and Israeli authorities over the electricity interconnection between Cyprus, Greece and Israel, called the "Great Sea Interconnector." 

The Great Sea Interconnector seeks to interconnect the national electricity transmission networks of Cyprus, Israel, and Greece via undersea cables. With a capacity of 2,000 megawatts and bidirectional capabilities, the project aims to bolster energy security and facilitate the exchange of electricity between the participating nations.

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