New transit visa requirement for South America travelers

In response to the increasing number of irregular migrants utilizing transit routes through Türkiye, a new electronic airport transit visa requirement has been introduced for citizens of 10 countries transiting to select Latin American destinations.

Effective April 15, citizens of India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Chad, Somalia, Cameroon, Mauritania and Yemen that are transiting to Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Venezuela via Istanbul Airport will be required to obtain an electronic airport transit visa.

The decision comes amid heightened scrutiny of international aviation rules and increased inspections due to the surge in irregular migration movements towards north America through various Central and Latin American countries utilizing transit opportunities via Türkiye.

Turkish Airlines (THY) had previously alerted passengers traveling to South American countries of potential additional checks beyond standard passport and visa requirements.

Preparations for the implementation of the electronic airport transit visa application have been finalized by the Foreign Ministry, with the electronic visas obtainable free of charge through the ministry's website.

To acquire the electronic transit visa, passengers must accurately provide personal information, accommodation details and ticket numbers. It is mandatory for Istanbul Airport transit passengers subject to the electronic visa requirement to carry printouts of these visas.

Upon arrival at the airport's international transit arrivals hall, passengers will have their visas checked at designated visa points situated in both wings. Subsequently, they will proceed through security control to the departure floor.

The introduction of the electronic transit visa...

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