Transition of Power: Mariya Gabriel Hands Foreign Minister Post to Stefan Dimitrov

Mariya Gabriel, the former Foreign Minister, has passed on her duties to Stefan Dimitrov. This transition marks the only change in the caretaker cabinet composition, as announced by Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev during the ministerial presentation.

Initially, it was revealed that Ivaylo Tsenov, a former consul in Vienna, would be assuming the role of Foreign Minister. However, when the presidential decree was issued, it became apparent that Stefan Dimitrov, Bulgaria's ambassador to Montenegro, would be taking over the position instead. Glavchev clarified that Tsenov declined the appointment for personal reasons.

In a ceremony held discreetly, Mariya Gabriel officially handed over the responsibilities of the Foreign Minister to Stefan Dimitrov, a seasoned diplomat with an extensive background. Dimitrov has held various diplomatic positions, including directorships within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ambassadorial roles in Montenegro and Germany.

The foremost challenge for Stefan Dimitrov in his new role will be the organization of the upcoming "2 in 1" elections abroad. These elections encompass both the early parliamentary vote for the 50th National Assembly and the European Parliament vote, scheduled for June 9.

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