ADMIE stresses benefits of Cyprus interconnection

Interconnection. The uncertainty over the emblematic Greece-Cyprus-Israel power link has ended with Greek grid operator ADMIE taking full responsibility for the project. ADMIE and EuroAsia Interconnector reached an agreement after tough negotiations with the informal involvement of the EU, which has financed the project with 658 million euros.

The electrical interconnection of the Great Sea Interconnector between the Greek, Cypriot and Israeli power grids is the only way to sustainably develop renewable energy sources and achieve the high European goals while ensuring prices much lower than the current levels.

If an autonomous development project is adopted, a very large storage capacity will be required, sending the cost of RES production skyrocketing and significantly burdening Cypriot consumers, according to the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE).

This is what ADMIE pointed out on Tuesday in an informative note on the benefits of the Greece-Cyprus-Israel electrical interconnection, in view of the discussions on the project that are currently being held.

It is noted that the administration of ADMIE will be in Cyprus on Tuesday, where it will hold a meeting with officials of the...

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