Bulgarian President Rumen Radev Dismisses Chief Secretary of Ministry of Internal Affairs

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has issued a decree terminating the powers and dismissing Zhivko Kotsev, the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The announcement was made by the president's press office, marking a notable development in the country's administrative landscape.

Kotsev's dismissal follows a proposal by the caretaker government, which was put forth shortly after the transfer of power. The decision to relieve Kotsev of his duties was prompted by what the Council of Ministers described as a serious violation of the law governing the Ministry of Internal Affairs, coupled with actions that have reportedly undermined the ministry's reputation. The proposal included detailed motives behind the recommendation.

The termination of the Chief Secretary's powers is carried out through a presidential decree, as mandated by law. Pending the appointment of a new Chief Secretary, the responsibilities of the position will be assumed by the Deputy Chief Secretary.

This move signals a notable shift within Bulgaria's law enforcement apparatus and reflects the caretaker government's commitment to upholding legal standards and preserving the integrity of key institutions. It also underscores the role of the president in overseeing significant administrative changes, ensuring accountability, and maintaining the effective functioning of government departments.

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