Turkish artists light up Italy's da Vinci exhibit

In a remarkable fusion of Italian renaissance and contemporary Turkish art, "The Route of Leonardo da Vinci" exhibition will open its doors on April 13 in Vinci, Italy, featuring the works of 22 Turkish artists alongside international talent, in the very town where the legendary da Vinci was born.

The picturesque town of Vinci is set to host the second installment of the international traveling exhibition, "The Route of Leonardo da Vinci," starting April 13. Co-curated by Şefik Uğur Bekdemir from Türkiye and Morgan Caneva from Italy, the exhibit will showcase the works of artists from Italy, France, Slovenia and Türkiye, including 22 prominent Turkish artists.

Coinciding with the week-long festivities celebrating Leonardo da Vinci, the exhibition at Villa Vignozzi Hall will feature the creations of artists such as Raşit Altun, Ümran Özbalcı Aria and Ahmet Yeşil, among others. The exhibition, which will run until May 4, is expected to come to Türkiye in October with the support of the Istanbul Tulip Foundation, further bridging Italy and Türkiye through the universal language of art.

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