More and more domestic abuse cases being reported

[InTime News]

The recent murder of a 28-year-old woman by her abusive ex-partner outside an Athens police station appears to have encouraged other women to come forward and to have prompted a more assertive response from the authorities.

According to a report by state broadcaster ERT on Thursday, 112 domestic abuse incidents were reported to the police on Wednesday alone, leading to 64 arrests with expedited warrants. Five of the victims, meanwhile, requested protection at a shelter.

On Tuesday, meanwhile, police officers compiled case files against 141 domestic abuse suspects and made 73 arrests, a trend that was also apparent on previous days.

Following Kyriaki Grivas' murder on April 1, an incident that turned a spotlight on the shortcomings of the law enforcement authorities' response to domestic abuse cases, the Hellenic Police leadership circulated a new manual...

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