Rising Costs: Annual Vehicle Inspections in Bulgaria See Price Surge

The annual technical inspection for vehicles in Bulgaria has seen a significant spike in cost, according to a report by "Telegraph". The price has soared to BGN 90, marking a notable increase from last year's range of BGN 45 to BGN 60.

The surge in fees is attributed to a rise in the remuneration of technicians conducting these inspections, as highlighted by Emil Panchev, the general secretary of the Union of Bulgarian Motorists (SBA), in an interview with "Telegraph". While precise statistics on wage hikes remain elusive, Panchev notes that some technicians have experienced salary increases, while others have seen bonuses tied to the number of examinations performed and additional services provided by the SBA.

Furthermore, the mandatory connection of service stations to the Road Infrastructure Agency has contributed to the uptick in costs. Previously, many stations had not integrated their systems with the agency, necessitating a one-time connection fee of around BGN 1,300.

Roadworthiness testing is obligatory for all vehicles to ensure their fitness for the road. Failure to undergo the annual technical inspection (ATP) risks fines and suspension from driving, while unresolved malfunctions can lead to penalties ranging from BGN 50 to BGN 500. Additionally, insurers may refuse to cover damages in the event of an accident involving a vehicle without a valid technical examination.

Panchev reveals that in Sofia, the price for inspections at SBA repair shops has risen to BGN 70 since January. However, drivers with membership cards may receive the service for free, with others paying only an annual fee for the card. In non-union sites in Sofia, inspections range from BGN 85 to BGN 97.

The increased costs also extend to specific...

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