Estonia Considers Declaring Moscow Patriarchate a Terrorist Organization

Estonia's Interior Minister, Lauri Läänemets, has revealed plans to propose labeling the Moscow Patriarchate as a terrorist organization. If approved by parliament, this decision would effectively ban the Russian Orthodox Church from operating within the country's borders. Läänemets justified the proposal based on an assessment by the Ministry of the Interior and the Security Service, which he claims leaves him with no alternative. However, he reassured that the ban would not impact Orthodox practitioners in Estonia, as churches would be allowed to continue their operations.

Läänemets emphasized the need to recognize the Moscow Patriarchate's allegiance to Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he accuses of orchestrating terrorist activities worldwide. The minister's remarks were quoted by the ERR news portal, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the government's determination to address it.

The proposal has sparked debate and raised concerns both domestically and internationally. While some view it as a necessary step to counter perceived threats, others caution against potential repercussions on religious freedom and diplomatic relations.

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