Eurobarometer: Majority of Bulgarians Urge State Action on High Living Costs

In a recent Eurobarometer survey by the European Commission, 57% of Bulgarians expressed their expectation for governmental action to address the soaring cost of living. This sentiment outstrips the EU average of 48%, underscoring a pressing issue in the country, BTA reported. Interestingly, similar or higher proportions of citizens in 13 other EU nations also share this concern.

While in four countries, low wages top the list of concerns, in two others, healthcare takes precedence, and in yet another, access to housing is the primary worry. The survey, aimed at gauging European sentiments on social policy, sheds light on the diverse priorities across the continent.

88% of Europeans emphasized the personal significance of Europe's social dimension. Among them, 45% prioritize living standards, closely followed by access to healthcare and good working conditions, cited by 44%. Additionally, 40% stress the importance of a fair labor market.

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