Government Allocates Over BGN 98 Million for June 9 Elections Preparation

As Bulgaria gears up for the upcoming elections on June 9, the government has approved a comprehensive plan-account detailing the financial allocation for the electoral process. With a staggering budget of over BGN 98 million, the plan encompasses various crucial activities essential for the smooth conduct of both national and European Parliament elections.

The approved funds are earmarked for a wide array of expenses, including the preparation and printing of electoral rolls, acquisition and production of essential election materials such as voting envelopes, protocols, and certificates. Additionally, logistical support for regional and municipal administrations, remuneration for election commission members, and provisions for voting abroad are also covered under the allocated budget.

Security measures to safeguard public order and ensure the integrity of the electoral process are prioritized, with funds allocated for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Moreover, an explanatory campaign aimed at educating citizens about their rights and responsibilities, as well as the voting procedures, will be undertaken.

Training sessions for sectional election commission members, provision of video surveillance, and organizing polling stations in public schools are among the logistical aspects included in the plan. Notably, provisions are made for both machine voting and traditional paper ballot methods, reflecting the government's commitment to facilitating a transparent and accessible electoral process.

The government stands ready to disburse the necessary funds upon the conclusion of contracts by the Central Election Commission, ensuring logistical and technical support, including specialized devices for electronic machine voting. These expenses...

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