Greece now on ‘right path,’ says Stournaras

Bank of Greece governor Yannis Stournaras has confessed that he can now "sleep at night, without worrying about fiscal instability" because Greece is on the "right path" in terms of the economy.

"If the government manages to maintain the primary surplus at 2% while making the necessary reforms, we have nothing to fear," he told the Delphi Economic Forum.

However, he pointed out that the country is still lacking in terms of structural competitiveness.

"Theoretically we have an unemployment rate of 10.5%. But the reality is that there are skills that are missing from the labor market. The big picture is that we have solved the main problems like debt refinancing, banks and social security, but there are other serious problems [that we need to solve] in order to increase our competitiveness and growth rates."

He said the EU needed a fund, similar to the...

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